Apple Siri GuideApple Siri is one of the finest personal digital assistant given by Apple in order to help the user to get in with their life in ease without any fuss. However, how great was the developer to try developing Apple Siri, it always be found out that there is something wrong in the middle of usage, such as the Apple Siri would not work well as usual, Apple Siri stop working, and another Apple Siri problem which is going to prevent you to work faster as usual. Therefore, as if your Apple Siri start to put you into problem, it is your job to fix it well as you wish. Yet, there are still not so many source which can tell you about the main problem given by Apple Siri, so here are several steps you are able to do while fixing the problem.

If you are using Apple Siri on your iPhone 7 and it is not working well, you need to call it as Apple Siri problem. However, the most complain given by loyal user is that they could not functioned the home-button to start operating the Siri such as they could not be able to use this feature. In order to fix it, you have to do several steps below:

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure that this personal digital assistant is enabled on your phone. After that, simply tap the setting options and choose ‘Hey Siri’ on your phone.

  • The second thing, you need to adjust that the Apple Siri have access to work in the lock screen with adjust the touch ID/passcode.

  • In order to fulfill the settings, you need to restart your device once and then turn your Siri off and back on again through the general settings.

  • After turn Siri off and back on again from the main settings of Hey Siri, you need to turn allow ‘Hey Siri’ off and back on again, so it would be able to enable the usage.

The last thing you need to do is since Apple Siri works based on voice, you have to make sure that your microphone attached device is free from another obstructions. It means that Apple Siri is only able to catch your voice in order to make your commands can be heard clearly. So, are you ready to fix the Apple Siri problem personally in ease?

Apple Siri Guide
Apple Siri Guide

Speaking of the Apple device, especially on their innovation on each of the product, it seems like there are still huge in conversation need to be told, ever since there are too much stuffs need to be shared. As if Apple have already launched the additional instrument as best-partner to write, draw, and another expression in creativity, it seems like you have to strengthen your mind to be not attempted with the classical and incredibly usage of Apple Siri as personal assistant, in intelligent way, to get the things done. Right after you have already known the work-cycle of the Apple Siri, as well as the Apple Siri guide, you are able to send messages, place calls, make dinner reservation, and another perfectly-fine job through your own hand in one click away.

Known as intelligent personal assistant, how great it is, you still need to know about the instruction well so you can use it and function it well as you wish, based on your need. So, here are several Apple Siri guide which need to be known by you. Taken from here:

  • As well as the Apple Pencil which need to be paired, well, you also need to make sure that Siri is being turned out through general setting and start the device up. Oh, you also need to turn your data connection since turn the Siri on need an internet connection, in either way, you can use the Wi-Fi, too. 
  • In order to plug the device into power, you only need to say "Hey, Siri!" and then make sure your device is working well, and then ask your question in ease. In the other way, in order to speak with Siri, you can also use the home-button until the Siri itself would reply you with "What can I help you with?" and then you can say what you need the most.
  • How about set a remainder based on the location? Well, there is nothing that Siri cannot do. You only need to ask Siri about location-relation help and then tell Siri about your concern in location-related thing. The best thing is you do not need to worry since the location would not tracked outside of your iPhone.

After all, even though you can do everything you want, with the help of Siri, you have to make sure that you are using the Siri well based on the standard Apple Siri guide. It is important since you have to maintain the productivity of the Siri well.   

Apple Pencil Guide
Apple Pencil Guide

Speaking of the newest Apple series, it seems like you are going to keep asking question about what equipment could make the iPad Pro 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch really pro? Well, as you, probably, have already known that there are huge differences in between pro and really pro among two newest series since both of them have equipped with the Apple Pencil, the full pressure sensitivity as well as tilt control, which can incredibly boost your work in ease. However, even though the only thing you need to do is set the Apple Pencil up and start to use it well, there is nothing wrong with understanding the Apple Pencil guide, first, right?

As well as another additional equipment of pencil-gadget in another series manufactured in Korea, the Apple Pencil can be named as a the real-world pencil and really useful to help your work easier like doing the pencil-like work. However, in order to help you understand the procedure of these phenomenal Apple Pencil, here are several Apple Pencil guide which will really help you, perhaps. 

  • The first thing you need to know is that Apple Pencil not as sensitive as finger, so multi-touch, swipe, and gesture-based navigation would not help you while functioning these pencil-like. 
  • After that, in order to connect the navigation in between your iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, just tap the icon, buttons, and another interface element on the Apple Pencil. 
  • In order to check whether your device has already connected or not, try to touch the Apple Pencil's tip and then start scratching on the surface of the iPad Pro, as well as drawing line, writing, or another gesture-based to start a line.
  • As explained before that gesture-based would not appropriate work on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, whenever you would like to get a darker or broader line on your writing, you have to press harder on the tip of the Apple Pencil, so it will turn out well as you wish. 
  • How about start to make shading in larger area as well as coloring and make contour on your work-area? Well, just tilt the Apple Pencil sideways, and the touch it gently into the iPad Pro screen.

Hence, even though the Apple Pencil guide only giving you the basic guide, it would be great as if you can dig another ways up based on your style in drawing. After all, you are going to be agree that this iPad Pro is really that pros.