Apple Siri GuideApple Siri is one of the finest personal digital assistant given by Apple in order to help the user to get in with their life in ease without any fuss. However, how great was the developer to try developing Apple Siri, it always be found out that there is something wrong in the middle of usage, such as the Apple Siri would not work well as usual, Apple Siri stop working, and another Apple Siri problem which is going to prevent you to work faster as usual. Therefore, as if your Apple Siri start to put you into problem, it is your job to fix it well as you wish. Yet, there are still not so many source which can tell you about the main problem given by Apple Siri, so here are several steps you are able to do while fixing the problem.

If you are using Apple Siri on your iPhone 7 and it is not working well, you need to call it as Apple Siri problem. However, the most complain given by loyal user is that they could not functioned the home-button to start operating the Siri such as they could not be able to use this feature. In order to fix it, you have to do several steps below:

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure that this personal digital assistant is enabled on your phone. After that, simply tap the setting options and choose ‘Hey Siri’ on your phone.

  • The second thing, you need to adjust that the Apple Siri have access to work in the lock screen with adjust the touch ID/passcode.

  • In order to fulfill the settings, you need to restart your device once and then turn your Siri off and back on again through the general settings.

  • After turn Siri off and back on again from the main settings of Hey Siri, you need to turn allow ‘Hey Siri’ off and back on again, so it would be able to enable the usage.

The last thing you need to do is since Apple Siri works based on voice, you have to make sure that your microphone attached device is free from another obstructions. It means that Apple Siri is only able to catch your voice in order to make your commands can be heard clearly. So, are you ready to fix the Apple Siri problem personally in ease?