Apple Siri Guide
Apple Siri Guide

Speaking of the Apple device, especially on their innovation on each of the product, it seems like there are still huge in conversation need to be told, ever since there are too much stuffs need to be shared. As if Apple have already launched the additional instrument as best-partner to write, draw, and another expression in creativity, it seems like you have to strengthen your mind to be not attempted with the classical and incredibly usage of Apple Siri as personal assistant, in intelligent way, to get the things done. Right after you have already known the work-cycle of the Apple Siri, as well as the Apple Siri guide, you are able to send messages, place calls, make dinner reservation, and another perfectly-fine job through your own hand in one click away.

Known as intelligent personal assistant, how great it is, you still need to know about the instruction well so you can use it and function it well as you wish, based on your need. So, here are several Apple Siri guide which need to be known by you. Taken from here:

  • As well as the Apple Pencil which need to be paired, well, you also need to make sure that Siri is being turned out through general setting and start the device up. Oh, you also need to turn your data connection since turn the Siri on need an internet connection, in either way, you can use the Wi-Fi, too. 
  • In order to plug the device into power, you only need to say "Hey, Siri!" and then make sure your device is working well, and then ask your question in ease. In the other way, in order to speak with Siri, you can also use the home-button until the Siri itself would reply you with "What can I help you with?" and then you can say what you need the most.
  • How about set a remainder based on the location? Well, there is nothing that Siri cannot do. You only need to ask Siri about location-relation help and then tell Siri about your concern in location-related thing. The best thing is you do not need to worry since the location would not tracked outside of your iPhone.

After all, even though you can do everything you want, with the help of Siri, you have to make sure that you are using the Siri well based on the standard Apple Siri guide. It is important since you have to maintain the productivity of the Siri well.