We like choice, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could provide us a few, as the newest rumor suggests it will arrive in two storage sizes, together with the two 64GB and 128GB models available.


And based on Osen, this advice comes from a Samsung Electronics official, so it may well be accurate. However, we have the reason.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Might Double Up On Storage

Aside from the fact that the 'official' has remained anonymous, there's also the fact that Samsung hasn't tended to provide storage dimensions in its current flagships.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus was a slight exception to this, with the two 64GB and 128GB dimensions available, but the bigger model launched in a few locations. The phone the Note 8 has been set to replace - the Galaxy Note 7 - has been offered.


So there's still a high chance that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will launch in only 1 size, and it will most likely be 64GB, because many Samsung flagships are, while if it does launch in 2, there is still a fair chance that you will just have one of these where you're.


Samsung executives appear to have been becoming chatty about the Galaxy Note 8. Whether that is part of a newly found laissez-faire attitude towards leaks in the business or not, it is a fact we've been getting a lot of the "unnamed Samsung executive claims" type of story lately. Not that we are complaining or anything.


The latest word-of-mouth rumor about the Note 8 asserts the device will arrive in two variations: one with 64 GB, and one with 128 GB of storage.


It's worth noting, but that Samsung has not been so excited on fragmenting its user base lately - that the Galaxy Note 7 only had a single storage choice of 64 GB, while the Galaxy S8+ has a 128 GB variant which is limited to only a few markets. Or there's a greater than average chance.


Whatever the case, multiple storage options can only be a good thing for consumers, as offering choices is never a bad thing. Still, it's worth mentioning once more that the Note 8, in a variant, will probably be a quite expensive device, even by flagship standards: previous rumors have set it at $999, or about $900.


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