The SNES Classic Edition is intended to deliver plenty of old-school fun but what if you would like to bring a little retro chic to your Nintendo Switch? Well, now you can catch some quite sexy NES-style Joy Con controllers for your Switch. Check these little beauties out.

NES-style controllers

Here the controllers that are customized are described by ColorWare:

Enjoy solo or group gameplay with your Limited Edition Nintendo JoyCon wireless controllers! By releasing the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985, Nintendo transformed your entertainment industry. The NES brought it to the living room of everyone and took a niche hobby. ColorWare is currently bringing these memories down with the release of our JoyCon Classic controllers. Readily available for a limited time only with the 25. Do not miss your opportunity to own these unique custom-made Joy Cons.

  • Just the first 25 units were individually Mapped
  • Custom-painted in gray and a Dark to Symbolize the Original NES
  • May be used or attached to the Chief console
  • Each JoyCon Contains a set of buttons, accelerometer, and gyro-sensor
  • Comes with original packaging

You desperately need these, but be forewarned, although so, these retro controllers do not come at a price! ColorWare is currently charging a whopping $ 200. Yikes! That is as much as a whole NES cost when it started in 1985! If you still want them but hey, I do not blame you.

Now You Can buy retro NES-style controllers to Your Own Nintendo Switch

ColorWare will even let you design your very own Nintendo Switch for $ 500 as we previously mentioned. ColorWare's services don't come cheap, but they do work. Produce hot pink Kirby Nintendo system or the green and gold Zelda you've always desired! You can design your masterpiece here.

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