To be more precise, the existence of five more terminals, has published five terminals that will be presented over the next year. One of these terminals is called Samsung Galaxy X, a terminal that will not be the continuation of the Galaxy S family but who will not have anything to envy to these terminals. Samsung Galaxy X will be the first mobile folding screen of Samsung

Very few things, unlike on other terminals which we already know more than we know about the Samsung Galaxy X. One of them will be the Samsung Galaxy S8, the new flagship of the company. This model will have one older brother nicknamed Edge, both terminals will have a big screen with sub-pixel technology that will further optimize the battery and the performance of the screen.

The third device is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This last terminal is quite doubtful but SamMobile thus implies. Doubtful because Samsung had already said that after the model 6, the family notice would disappear. But in case outside little, this model Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would have a brother Edge, a variation that we didn't know from version 4. Website specializing in news, Samsung, SamMobile, was the first to report that the S8 Galaxy software is already in production. Although the sources referred to in the site are anonymous, reported that the ROM of the S8 is being developed so that it is used in several countries, including China, Korea of the South, the United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Germany, France and Poland; more countries will join this list.

While the firmware is already in production, those hoping that the Galaxy S8 exit before time should calibrate your expectations. SamMobile said that it was precisely at this time last year when the Galaxy S7 firmware was in production, and the S7 was announced in February of this year during the exhibition MWC in Barcelona. He is expected that Samsung announces new Galaxy S phone during MWC 2017, and not before. Rumors of how it will be Samsung Galaxy S8 as they have begun to accumulate. Apparently, there will be two Galaxy S8 with curved screens, a full screen (full screen) that does not have a physical button home, and integration with the Assistant of Viv.