Nintendo NX

Nintendo NX is keeping a big mystery until its release date. Many questions are hanging without official confirmation from the company. Still there are so many topics are interesting enough to be discuss. There’s an updated information from several sources said that Nintendo NX will be a portable console that also connects to your TV. This rumors related with the other rumor about Nintendo NX handheld will run cartridges and will also have detachable controllers which will attach to either side of the display. If it is true, Nintendo NX finally come with different idea, compared with its previous console. even, there is a report said that when the Nintendo NX controllers are detached, the NX screen has a stand that will fold out. Possibly this supposed to be the second-screen gaming or for watching movies. 


The failure of the Wii U’s controller/touch-screen hybrid is an important experience for Nintendo to really create a brand-new Nintendo NX control method. Nintendo could create a console-portable hybrid. There is some information about the leaked material of the controller taken from several sources. The information was taken from the patent report filed by Nintendo recently. The report shows something suspiciously like controllers. The first patent display hardware looks similar to the Wii U controller, with two controller sticks and a (presumably touch screen) LED display in the center. Based on the display, there are some noticeable changes. The most noticeable change is about the lack of buttons, compared with the Nintendo Wii controller. It seems like the new controller will feature only two buttons. The left and right shoulder button have been replaced by two scrollable wheel, which enable more interesting way to interact with the game. 


Generally playing games with the button underneath the fingers is more interesting, which enable the muscle reflexes to kick in when needed instead of looking down and probably missing a virtual button. This is the reason why playing mobile games that provide multiple on-screen control is sometimes not really fun. Although there are some speculations about the Nintendo NX is denied by the Nintendo, we still have an imaginary picture about the possible design of the Nintendo NX. With all the speculations, it isn’t impossible that the positive point may influence the design made by Nintendo and all involved parties to create Nintendo NX as its expected by most people in the market.